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Project Description

Professor Melonius & Professor Emeritus Pentanaux Peer-Reviewed Dissertations

A rational system extensively researched, presented before you in the detailed and beautifully complex shapes that could not be otherwise. Peer-reviewed and published in periodicals, foot notes aplenty. Stacks of clever thoughts buried in revery, analogy, and anecdote. All the pleasure of crisply printed essay nestled into a collection of similarly produced clear and systematic ideas.

These are designs stemming from FiveTimesNo series The Soul of Man Under Late Capitalism given a more geometric and decidedly modernist twist. Preceded by other works entitled “marginalia” – these works are more complete ideas, “Dissertations” (figuratively speaking). The eccentric but erudite Professor Melonius labored hard into the night working on these in tandem with his research partner Professor Emeritus Dr. Pentanaux. The designs are meant to feel classic but complicated, combining simple geometry with textured mechanical details that suggest there is more to the subject than first meets the eye.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Pentanaux Peer – Reviewed Dissertations NFT Roadmap

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