Pianist Noapi - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Hi. Musicians and designers group for Noapi NFT.

Noapi is the world first character relaxation Pianist.

Will be released 1st Noapi’s NFT on 30th of July.

You can meet our FREE 2,000EA NFT collection.

Visit our site www.noapi.world and take a whitelist.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Pianist Noapi NFT Roadmap

1st EP album ‘the star of the consolation’ released

2nd EP album ‘the word of the consolation’ released

1st official album ‘the piano of the consolation’ released

Successful completion of the first crowdfunding for a 1st full-length album

Video submission in the short film category at ‘the Cannes Film Festival’

‘new piano album’ (in July)

meditation app with piano music

mini game

Additional Info

Free Minting Day

– Free Minting of 2000 happy boxes on July 30th
– 3,000 happy boxes on July 31th (1 + 1) (0.03 Ether)
– 4,600 happy boxes on August 1st (0.05 Ether)
– All boxes will be opened on August 2nd

For Free Minting, only whitelisted wallets are accepted.

For a whitelist
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