Planetary Property Association: Dealers - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Dealers are a PFP avatar collection of NFT within the DealerVerse with a max supply of 10,000. A strange collection of sales people from all corners of the galaxies, some are scavengers, some live a much more luxurious existence but they all have one thing in common they love a deal – betting, bartering and trading goods you name it they live for it. And of course – they love to race

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Planetary Property Association: Dealers NFT Roadmap

Travel Itinerary

Shuttle passes – SOLD OUT
Shuttle passes are available for purchase – choose the shuttle class that best suits you.

Milestone #1

Settlers Surrealestates Plots ALL CLAIMED
Claim your Surrealestates at the PPA landing port when it is your time. Your designated shuttle will be waiting to leave earth on a journey towards your new life.

Milestone #2

Collection 2: Dealer Identities
assigned on shuttle – APRIL
There is only one way to truly experience the new life afforded to you by the Dealers. Become one. How do you join you might ask – you’re unlikely to survive in that human shell you use, don’t worry The PPA has upgrade options available for you while in transit to your new home

Verse ready 3D models available
Verse ready 3D fully rigged models of
both your Surrealestates and Dealers will
be made available to you. Original 2D tokens will not be impacted, this is an addition not a replacement.

Physical Collectibles & Exclusive PPA Merch
Limited Physical collectibles made available – Partner to be announced. Release an exclusive PPA Merch collection partnered with a top tier global streetwear company.

Staking mechanics & token put in place
Stake your Surrealestates for “rent” – multipliers and more. Details later.

Milestone #3

Collection 3: Dealers love to race… Garages Unlocked
Like nothing you have ever seen before! The Dealers love a deal but they live for only one other thing – Racing. The PPA has just the thing – otherworldly rides of unimaginable types for you to race, trade, bet, flex. Verse ready 3D rides to upgrade your Surrealestates in the DealerVerse.

Milestone #4

DealerVerse – Stage 1
It takes a long time to build a universe, know this. Welcome ‘Founders Shuttle Pass Hodlers’ to DealerVerse Alpha to help in development alongside our amazing game studio partners to be announced. Play, upgrade, socialise and remember the dealers love to race….

Not listed among all this
Collabs, partnerships & tokenomics already in motion and super secret stuff can’t speak of yet….. Oh yeah and PPA ‘supply drops’ for holders.

Additional Info