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Project Description

Playoff Payoff
Every year the best teams around the Country get to face off against each other in the NFL Playoffs. This is a great time for people to feel team pride.
There are 14 Teams in the NFL Playoffs, which starts on January 10th. These teams have earned their SEED spots.
We will Mint out a Collection of the 14 Teams with each team having a different % in the collection based on their rankings in the NFL SEED Rankings, which was the final Rankings before the PLAYOFFS. The higher the ranking of the team on the Seed Rankings, the less total supply overall they will have. The Holders of the NFTs that win the Superbowl will split the prize reward at the end.

Supply: 560 NFTs.
Price: Each NFT will be 0.5 SOL.
Mint: January 10th (subject to change)

Team Logistics
The teams in the Playoffs are all broken up into groups. Which can be shown in the Chart below:

These groups overall wont have any effect in the Value of the NFT, but it is a good Representation of what Teams Paths are to the SuperBowl. Schedules can be found on Websites like NBC or your local Provider via a google search. It can be different everywhere and I understand that but its the digital age and here is a generic Schedule you can use to catch your team in action!!

NFT Rankings and %s
What sort of matters, or what can be a good gauge of Value is the Assets of Teams which Rank Higher on the SEED Rankings. These rankings overall will be the determining factor behind how many of the assets are minted out per team.
Upon minting the amount of 1st seed teams compared to 7th seed teams will be drastically different!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Playoff PAY0ff NFT Roadmap

Phase1: Open Premint and design artwork.
Phase 2: Provide sneak peaks and WL’s
Phase 3: Open minting January 10th.
Phase 4: February 10th Close minting & take snapshot.
Phase 5: February 12th Superbowl! winners announced.
Phase 6: Create PP NFT’s for other Major Sports Leagues.

Additional Info

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