Poe Punk - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Poe Posse is a fully-doxxed NFT project created by students and educators that focuses on using our NFT wallet to fund literacy projects.

Our first of three collections, “Poe Punks,” is a collection of 2500 unique NFTs inspired by punk rock and the originator of the modern crime story and horror and shock genre, Edgar Allan Poe.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Poe Punk NFT Roadmap

– Launch Poe Posse website
– Create social media channels
– 1000 Twitter followers
– Release first Poe video
– Release 2500 NFT Poe Punks
– Fund literacy initiatives

– 2500 Part II release
– 2000 Twitter followers
– Fund literacy initiatives
– Book donation bin purchase and strategic placement in communities
– Invest in 3 or more artifacts
– Telegram launch

– 2500 Part III release
– Invest in 5 or more artifacts
– Giveaway of artifacts to holders
– Fund literacy projects
– Redistribution to holders
– Continue strategic placement of book donation bins for revenue stream
– Announce Road Map #4 Titled “Anthology”

Additional Info