POG Dog - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

We are going to help launching space decentralized startups. Our community is club for people who want to support improving transparent decentralized software. Our side mission is keeping internet history via reflecting emotions, characters and events into NFT-Doggy. It’s our first step to start financing more complexity tasks. Let’s do it together.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Additional Info

We made an economics model to help our holders earning during community growth. A few smart accumulators direct ETH flows to enable little decentralized startups to get finance. Holders who allow us to move forward are divided to three types: 1) Accumulation/Collectable (COLDO) Holders. COLDO enables holders to earn 50% of legendary turnover. COLDO gives rights for income every 5 months (Holders is split into 5 part. Each part gets ETH once per month). There are only 200 COLDO in our collection. 2) Legendary (LEGEN) Holders. Legendary is our engine because of its unique and slow infinite emission. There are 2 (+1) new Legendaries in our collection each month. Ownership gives the voting rights to support IT projects and community decisions. The last one (it is called Trending) reflects the current main emotion, character, or event of this month. Holders earn 10% of royalty in a trending period (1 month till a new one appears). 3) Common Holders. Common Doggy gives a voting rights for new Legendaries. They passively affect Legendary holders.