Poker Cats Club - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Poker Cats Club offers all owners exclusive access to play a poker game online to participate a new series of poker tournaments as well! Owning a Cats will allow you to stake your NFT, to access the game, to enter the game in order to earn $POKCAT. Those tokens can be used for access free tournaments, and NFT/Token prizes!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Poker Cats Club NFT Roadmap

Started Poker Cats Project
Launch of Poker Cats Avatar!

Game in beta related to the collection is finished and ready to be deployed 5000 in-game avatars with some giving more advantage than others.
Game Base Features

Functional multiplayer system, possibility of creating your party, ranking, detection of NFT in game and others.
Poker Game Mode

First functional game mode. Others will be created soon.
Deployment of the game on Android and IOS mobile platforms

The game will be adapted to play on phone you will play on the same servers as with browser users.
Implement Token POKCAT

Earning system with a NFT Poker Cats and system of stake
Soon Update…

Additional Info

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