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Project Description

A prestigious Sparkler study shows what influences people’s purchase decisions:
22% are influenced by advertising.
34% if that advertising is accompanied by a celebrity or influencer.
The same study concludes that 84% are influenced by people in their close circles, family and friends.
Many other studies show that the smaller your audience, the greater your engagement.

Conclusion: Influencers are not as credible, they are not as effective, but their income from promoting projects continues to rise.
The good news is that we are here to end it and DECENTRALIZE INFLUENCE.
We are all influential no matter how many followers we have.
The Pond Academy is the first academy that will train people (regardless of the number of followers they have) to create high-impact content, allowing us to monetize the recommendations of different Web3 projects through the platform.
Mint your scholarship, learn from the best professionals and generate non-traditional income for doing what you always do on Twitter.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Pond Academy NFT Roadmap

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