portr-AI-t BATCH 2 - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

A new batch of portr-ai-t have arrived at the shore of ai land.

Packed with super heroes, villains and deep sea creatures.

Get yourself one (ore more) of these creatures and secure your entry to future releases, the community wallet and much more.

Mutants strong together

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

portr-AI-t BATCH 2 NFT Roadmap

STEP 1: Preparation

– Contract: Creation of the contract
– Webpage: Creation of the webpage (hand coded like your pops would do it. Web2-style baby!)
– Mintpage: Creation of the vending machine
– Giveaways: Giveways in Discord
– Collabs: Begin Collaborations with other projects

STEP 2: Creation of Art – BATCH1

– Art: Create the art for BATCH1
– The first batch will contain a lot of different styles and motives to give the holders and initial overview of the possibilities
– Mint Date: Set Mint date
– Meta Data: Create the Meta Data for BATCH1
– Mint Price Set mint price
– Fill Whitelist: Fill the whitelist with members from the collab
– Merch: Create a vote for Merchandise
– PFP: Disable PFP mint
– Heymint: Disable heymint whitelist
– Invites: Create invites for BATCH 1 mint
– BATCH 2 vote: Let BATCH1 holders vote for BATCH 2

STEP 3: Prepare BATCH 2

– BATCH 2 upload: Upload BATCH 2 data
– ADS: Apply to different NFT calendars
– Invite: Create invites for BATCH 2 mint
– BATCH 2 mint: Start mint for BATCH 2


– FINISHED Task has been finished
– IN WORK Task is being worked on
– VOTE Task is in vote
– OPEN Task is open

Additional Info

MID SEPTEMBER – (🦈 vs. 🦸)
portr-🅰️ℹ️-t // BATCH 2

#nftcommunity and #nftcollectors
Enjoy the art and the community

Low supply of only 123

LOW MINT 0.01 application: https://heymint.xyz/portr-ai-t-batch-2
PUBLIC mint @ 0.025


Discord: http://discord.gg/Zw6BZVJtGH