Portr-AI-t - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Each portr-AI-t was created from the ground up with different traits and in different art styles solely via AI.

portr-AI-t put AI into it
– Unique AI art
– revenues via moneypipe to holders
– community driven art
– from holders for holders
– released in batches
– Limited supply
– Holders vote on next batch art First batch contains 333 unique pieces

Mint date: 18 July Free mint invite
presale: 0.01 public: 0.02

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Portr-AI-t NFT Roadmap

STEP 1: Preparation

– Contract: Creation of the contract
– Webpage: Creation of the webpage (hand coded like your pops would do it. Web2-style baby!)
– Mintpage: Creation of the vending machine
– Giveaways: Giveways in Discord
– Collabs: Begin Collaborations with other projects

STEP 2: Creation of Art – BATCH1

– Art: Create the art for BATCH1
– The first batch will contain a lot of different styles and motives to give the holders and initial overview of the possibilities
– Mint Date: Set Mint date
– Meta Data: Create the Meta Data for BATCH1
– Mint Price Set mint price
– Fill Whitelist: Fill the whitelist with members from the collab
– Merch: Create a vote for Merchandise
– PFP: Disable PFP mint
– Heymint: Disable heymint whitelist
– Invites: Create invites for BATCH 1 mint
– BATCH 2 Sets: Create sets for BATCH 2 to let the community vote quickly so that BATCH 2 can be dropped immediately after mint-out

STEP 3: Prepare BATCH 2

– Invite: Create invites for BATCH 2 mint
– BATCH 2 vote: Let BATCH1 holders vote for BATCH 2
– BATCH 2 upload: Upload BATCH 2 data
– BATCH 2 mint: Start mint for BATCH 2


– FINISHED Task has been finished
– IN WORK Task is being worked on
– VOTE Task is in vote
– OPEN Task is open


Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!