Project Shield - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Project Shield is building trust into the NFT Space. Launching on Solana (with cross-chain plans), we are offing new projects the first ever IRL rug insurance. Through a unique program, projects with our shield can be minted with piece of mind as holders will get their money back if rugged. Other services include trusted partner program and a low cost launchpad. Holders of the Project Shield NFT will receive a revenue share from all the services.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Project Shield NFT Roadmap


Marketing both Shield mint and projects for our trusted seal

– Podcasts
– Wl outreach
– Partnerships
– influencers
– Collabs
– Press
– Discord
– Twitter
– Sol giveaways
– Community marketing bounties 2% of profits for anyone that brings us a new project!

Before shield mint: Elect 5 round table members (DAO)

All round table members will be publicly doxxed and will distribute all funds using Multi signature wallets per the road map.

– Mint of Shield
– Buy a bond to protect holders! We practice what we preach.
– Increased marketing for our trusted seal and start up projects to invest in


Mint Knights

– Hire 1-2 Business development/ Marketing associates for more in depth marking to new projects
– Hire 1 accountant that understands blockchain transactions
– Place Lawyer specializing in web 3 on retainer

Staking token to distribute revenue, this will be set up on the Dex to withdraw profits at any time.


– Evolutions purchased with staking token only. The Dao will set the dates and prices of evolutions.
– Continued marketing for project set ups and project funding

Start looking for a buyer to sell the project to.

Evolutions to continue to burn Shield and Knights making both project more valuable

What is the long term plan for this project?

The goal is to build a company that a Major insurance company wants to buy for millions!

After end game sale distribute funds of sale to Nft holders

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!