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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

2D PERSPECTIVE PIXEL NFT P2E, 100% Economic & Coin prices created by Players, 5000 HIGHLY LIMITED (1:1) Characters with over 15k+ traits! Mint: 31st July 2022!

It is 2025, the economy has been destroyed by governments that do not respect citizens rights to live and getting rich. The years of being drowning in luxury by the political elite are over. The time has come for the Founding Group of the New World, people with respect for work and mankind, who put the truth, morality and the right to revenge as the new laws of PurgeVerse. To avoid unnecessary chaos, the New World Order was created…

New laws have eliminated the crimes and misdemeanors. Criminal rates are decreased by 99,9% because of EVERY SATURDAY Purge Day! This day gives You ability to commit any crime without punishments. On this day You can eliminate your neighbor, steal equipment from the cheating seller, kidnap the Purge Pets and many more… But remember, one day the hunter may become the prey… The most powerful people who upgrade their souls by doing quests, events and gaining experience during the whole week will survive and get rewarded. If the Purge God will be satisfied with the results of the Purge, he will let the survivors to kill extra Holy Monster to reach LEGENDARY Equipment.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Purge League NFT Roadmap

Phase 01 – May 2021
– Creation of the Game Core (Windows)
– Creation of the Game Layout
– Creation the Plot of the Game
– Develop 1000+ Quests with Rewards
– Develop Game Economic (100% made by Players)
– Creation of the Game Core (MacOS / Linux)

Phase 02 – May 2022
– Bridge from OpenSea to PurgeVerse
– Create 5000 characters as NFTs
– Developement characters abilities
– Development of PurgeVerse Ecosystem
– Developement of Purge League
– Bridge Smart Contract Creation

Phase 03
– Creation of Marketing Plan.
– Creation of Website.
– Creation of Social Media – Twitter
– Testing the Purge League Core
– NFT Collection Lunch on July 31st 2022, 12:00PM EST
– Send free ULTRA RARE PETS to first 500 Owners with 5+ Purge League NFTs (Owners will get paid 50% more coins during the Game)
– Purge League Alpha 1.0 Test Lunch – Paid in ETH to Testers (NFT Owners) ~ October 2022
– Bugs fixing

Phase 04
– Purge League Beta 1.1 Lunch – Paid in ETH to Testers (NFT Owners) ~ December 2022
– Publish PurgeVerse Token Name ~ February 2023
– Creating PurgeVerse Platform
– Purge League 1.0 Lunch Party in Paris ~ May 2023
– Opening for New-Blockchain Players (only Free Basic Character) – only 0.10x earn rate according to 1.50x earn rate by NFT Owners
– First E-Sport Tournament with prizepool of $500.000

Additional Info

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