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Project Description

RAKUEN is a Japanese name of ‘Paradise’. A place where every soul rest after death of a body.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Rakuen NFT Roadmap


Projects with good philosophy, story, and art engage people as a brand. They constantly continue to increase their own value with the uniqueness and attractive visuals that encourage people to become a part of it.

RAKUEN is a Web3 brand with a story. It is owned by the community, and will grow with the community by expanding the RAKUEN brand.


The time has come for the RAKUEN to leap further. As in the movie ‘The Great Wizard of Oz’ they refer the spiritual journey as going “Over the Rainbow”. Stepping into RAKUEN is a part where hidden stories behind the NFTs will be revealed by 2 major paths. Game and Animation.

The true journey of storytelling will begin.


Each of the 11,111 characters has their own story. Their stories will be told in 2D frame by frame animation. Everyone can join the journey of RAKUEN brand through watching and sharing the animation. 5 different episodes are planned to be shown.


RAKUEN evolves even further. The new NFT collection, breaking away from the existing chibi character style, appears in the NFT market as a new pixel designed characters based on game.
It is a project linked to RAKUEN NFT.

Origins benefit by receiving airdrop. RAKUEN NFT holders are able to purchase in a discounted price.

Additional Info