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Project Description

Welcome to the Reptilian World Order official Discord

For the last 7 million years, REPTILIANS have lived among us. For the last 7 million years, they’ve attempted to take over planet Earth… But most importantly, for the last 7 million years,they have FAILED…miserably… over and over and over again.

Who is this diabolically disastrous species, you may ask?

Humans know them by many names: shapeshifters, the Illuminati, Mark Zuckerburg,
that weird math teacher you had in 5th grade…

But to the rest of the galaxy, they are known notoriously as…

(dun dun dunnnnn)

Don’t let their devilish dad bods fool you; beneath their pathetically weak stature, these aliens are driven by the purest evil. Armed with an ingenious plot to blend in with society by mimicking human-like traits, so that one day, they could use that knowledge against our species; victory was alllllllll but certain.

Little did they know however… Their desperate attempt to fit in would be their eventual downfall. Most of them got stuck in shitty 9-5 jobs and forgot what they were doing on earth in the first damn place (who can relate?)

Will these hapless reptilians ever succeed in their quest to conquer the planet? Probably not tbh, but hey, they’re cute AF, so we don’t mind!

Evolving Project Roadmaps Our project will continue to expand running off of well invested utilities and community involvement. Holders get access to our project for long term use and exclusive benefits.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Reptilian World Order (AAA Game Coming Soon w/partners) NFT Roadmap

Chapter 1 Logo Reveal – RWO logo and branding asset reveal. (completed)

Chapter 2 Launch to the public. (completed)

Chapter 3 RWO Discord Server launched to the public (completed)

Chapter 4 Team DOX revealing founding team (completed)

Chapter 5 Art Reveal and artist reveal (completed)

Chapter 6 RWO to announce a six-figure utility along with its proud partners August 22nd

Chapter 7 10,000 Misfit Reptilian NFTs ready for mint.

Chapter 8 RWO listed on Rarity.Sniper

Chapter 9 Random RWO NFT holders to recieve 1 of 1s

Chapter 10 -CLASSIFIED-

Additional Info

Community Discord #whitelist section will have all up to date information.