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Project Description

Restless is a unique art collection with a defining meaning, moments and culture. Building in the web3 & Metaverse for the unwearied, relentless, intense, unstoppables, hard-workers, persistent, fierce personnels. Exclusive access to Networking clubs, live events, Meaningful partnerships and collaborations with brands to bring benefits to our holders.
Restless staking and developing a play to earn gaming platform in the near future.
All Restless in Our Own Way. Plan to make the best of it!
Long Term is always for those who are ready to run, joggle, run, joggle, run which is what want as our identity to build for and also our degens. They love the short-term and don’t plan on counting them out. Want to build something for our community for the long term win and also for the short term win which gives us the mentality to keep moving non-stop. Winning breeds Winning!
Restless is a space for everyone who works tirelessly to achieve everyday no matter the cost. our doctors, chefs, lawyers, footballers, artists, traders, sailors etc
No Rules – All Rule.
No Roadmap – Already on the Road.
No Rarity – All Rare.
No boundaries – Break all boundaries.
No Discord – Decide here.
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Let’s build this lovely journey of a lifetime together.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Restless NFT NFT Roadmap

No roadmap

Additional Info

Have just 2,500 whitelists spots open.

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