Rogue Rhinos - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

On a mission to save rhinos.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Rogue Rhinos NFT Roadmap

Phase I

Initial 5,555 Genesis ROGUE Rhino Mint
Up to 5 FREE mints for Raging Rhino holders
Rogue Rewards Club

Soon after sellout: An exclusive rewards club that unlocks after 1 month of holding your rhinos. 1% of the secondary sale royalties will be dispersed among Rogue Royalty Club members. Stake your Rhinos and earn Polygon. Club members will also receive exclusive merch opportunities, free/discounted mints, and more!

Phase II – Vogue Rhinos – (Q2 – 2022)

3,333 Vogue Rhinos – A brand new all female generative PFP
FREE to all Rogue Rewards Club members – The remaining will be sold at 0.03eth.

Phase III – Stampede Energy – (Q3 – 2022)
Stampede Energy

A very special green beverage that activates superpowers from deep within, to be used for Rogue Rhinos: Heroes and Villains
1,000 Total Supply
FREE Polygon airdrop to Rogue Royalty Club, remaining sold for 0.01 ETH (polygon equivalent)

Phase IV – Rogue Rhinos: Heroes and Villians – (Q4 – 2022)

1,000 total (250 male heroes, 250 female heroes, 250 male villians, 250 female villians)
Only available to original Rogue or Vogue Rhino minters
Mint price: TBD but Rogue Rewards Club will receive a discount
When used with Stampede energy, a male or female hero or villain is created based on existing traits of rhino used with Stampede.


Additional Info