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Project Description


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Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Ruleks Games T-Poser NFT NFT Roadmap

01.08.2021 – 17.01.2022
• Planning first P2E mobile game concepts
• Development started
• Basic game logic, first and second stage finished

• Concepts about implementing NFTs to our game/company
• NFT 3D Artwork made of main elements from our game

• Marketing start
• All 11.111 NFTs are generated with charakters from our game

• Implementing the $RGT (RuleksGamesToken) to the game

• Mint

• First vote from our Genesis NFT holder about details in our P2E mobile game

Future Plans
• Updating and bugfixing our game
• Planning new features and assests for the game with our community
• Further development steps for the game
• Much more to come

Additional Info

The Ruleks T-Poser NFT is a NFT-project with 11.111 unique and useful collectibles in 3D low poly artwork. It is the first in this specific style and it is extraordinary with its special features. This is the first NFT-project where you have the possibility to build up your virtual mining bussiness and earn real cryptocurrency.

This is a NFT-Project combined with a P2E mobile game implementing the
$RGT (RuleksGamesToken).
As former cryptominer we bring the real crypto mining world into a game.
Our P2E game is a mining game where you are generating real mining rewards. You can swap the mined token at any time on an exchange or grow your mobile mining business to the max!
In the beginning only the NFT holder have access to the game and the possibility to earn real money!

Get in early! Because of the smaller network at the beginning the mining revenue will be much higher for each NFT holder!
This is the first NFT-project where you have the possibility to vote with your NFT for ingame actions and assets.
All NFT-holders are getting access to the game developer chat and are getting the latest updates of all development steps.
The NFT can be used as the main character in the game, so you are the star of your own world!
With this NFT you grow with us! Beside a very nice artwork you have many opportunities to co-create our future.
You get the highest level of self-realization and the chance to gain in value massively.
This is one of the best investments in a rising market with highest growth rates!

Get your T-Poser NFT and crush the market with us!

NFT-Project combined with a P2E mobile game
Vote for ideas, ingame actions and assets
Generating real mining rewards
Higher mining rewards for early birds
T-Poser only! At the beginning only the NFT holder can mine
Access to game developer chat
Using your NFT as main character
Latest updates of all development steps
Co-create future business developments