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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Shamanzs fall under a new category of NFTs that are designed and built slowly to ensure art quality, becoming visually appealing. Some experts in the NFT field think art is not key for NFTs to be successful. That might be true for a certain type of projects with different goals, however we have in mind growing a long lasting brand that puts aesthetics as the main pillar.

The level of detail found in traits takes time inevitably, lots of love and care has been put in this project. We hope you appreciate it.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Shamanzs NFT Roadmap

The Shamaverse is both the long term roadmap and vision of the brand. Owning and holding an NFT, will give you access to the Shamaverse. Our goal is to build a strong and beloved brand, working towards several valuable marketing strategies such as partnering with DJs, record labels and music festivals, trendy hospitality brands, clothing brands, and many more yet to come.

Brand Collabs

NFTs are a great exposure to showcase the potential growth of Shamanzs. Partnerships are the next step.

Utility Token

Rewards in form of a token could be used in the Shamaverse, both digitally and physically.

Secret Eventzs

Magic locations around the world, are awaiting the ShamaGang and their friends to party as never before.

Additional Info

Free mint: 22nd November

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