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Project Description

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💎 One of the first multi-layered 2D Free-2-Earn, Move-2-Earn and Kick-2-Earn cross-chain game about soccer with the ability to choose a role — Player or Investor.

👀 Buy soccer boots for your player for Move-2-Earn, and also improve your soccer player skills with Kick-2-Earn mechanic through integration with Adidas, Xiaomi or DribbleUp balls.

⚔️ Play soccer in different modes and earn money by defeating opponents or become a club owner.

🤑 Become stadium owner and earn money by advertising at your stadium and rent it out for a certain number of matches or for a certain period of time.

💵 Become a team manager, rent out players or rent out players and get a percentage from team wins and from the players victories.

🤩 Create your own strong team, play against other teams, earn experience, buy super punches, increase the strength and power of a legendary player and sell it on marketplace and much more.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Shaolin Soccer NFT Roadmap

Q3 2022
Update 1
The testnet game version

Q4 2022
Update 2
Own NFT marketplace

Q4 2022
Update 3
Move 2 Earn Mechanics

Q1 2023
Update 4
Kick 2 Earn Mechanics

Q2 2023
Update 5
Football Manager

Q2 2023
Update 6
Football Coach

Q3 2023
Update 7
Telegram game version

Q4 2023
Update 8
Transfers, rental of football players

Q1 2024
Update 9
Production of club merchandise

Additional Info

Presale- Sep 15th, 0.025 ETH

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