Shiba Bets Casino Club - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

SHIBABETS CASINO CLUB IS A MEMBERS ONLY collection of 7,777 unique 3D metaverse ready shiba avatars on the Ethereum Blockchain. Holders of the genesis collection of ShibaBets NFTs will gain exclusive access to our Live Action Virtual Casino and Metaverse . We are a community driven project – with a team of 50+ designers , animators , developers and web3 community leaders across the globe. For the true success of this project we have actively engaged our community to help create the new future of our metaverse and decentralized ecosystems and beyond. ShibaBets NFT holders will have many benefits for future drops, casino rewards and metaverse strategic partnerships. By holding a SBCC NFT you will gain priority access to our live action virtual casino , P2E games, Poker tournaments, Holder rewards with our token and private access to exclusive events around the globe ( Miami, LA, Vegas, Dubai, Ibiza ) The holders will get access to our community funds used to invest, reward, and collaborate with the best projects in the space and projects ideas of our members. Diamond Hands will be able to stake their NFTs in phase 2 to be able to receive tokens as a reward.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Shiba Bets Casino Club NFT Roadmap

PHASE 1 Our top priority is to make sure that each and every NFT is delivered at the highest quality possible – PHASE 1 SHIBABETS NFT drop will consist of 3500 OG SHIBABETS NFTs in 8K 3D. Holders of the OG SHIBABETS NFTs will have exclusive access and privileges in our Metaverse MEGA SHIBA COLLECTION PHASE 3 Owners of the OG SHIBABETS collection will get priority access to the highly anticipated MEGA SHIBA COLLECTION at a discounted price. Our token will be launched in PHASE 3, and power our SHIBABETS ECOSYSTEM and METAVERSE. The 3500 MEGA SHIBAS available will yield more tokens when stake V2 TO BE CONTINUED THE LUCKY 777 ( Community & Treasury Allocation ) CASINO LAUNCH ( MEMBERS ONLY )

PHASE 2 Now that our community is established, we will be rolling out our online casino for ShibaBets NFT holders exclusively. All of our holders from the genesis collection will gain access to the V1 Beta for the ShibaBets Online Casino. Our token & NFT Staking will be launched in

PHASE 3, with all OG SHIBABETS Holders whitelisted for early access. SBCC METAVERSE

PHASE 4 Our members only metaverse will be the first of it’s kind. Holders will get access to all of our virtual casino games, play-to-earn games, metaverse events, poker tournaments, our virtual shopping district, travel & resorts, the HIGH ROLLERS rooms, our virtual nightclub, as well as many other expansions for Phase 4 of the SBCC Metaverse which will be announced via our discord.

THE LUCKY 777 ( Community & Treasury Allocation )

Additional Info

Unique art, unseen before. NFT & Token Staking. Metaverse Land & Virtual Casino. Global events & tournamets.