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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

DINO is not just another Solana-based NFT project. $DINO is issued as a fungible token which allows for the minting of Dino NFTs through a process which creates, incubates, and hatches eggs.


Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

SolanaDino NFT Roadmap

Stage 1 (Finished)

Initial token distribution / community creation

Community airdrops through Discord and Twitter.
Weekly community events.
The release of $DINO and the Dino DEX.

Stage 2 (Finished)

Dino Staking / Liquidity mining

The release of the Dino Love Shack that enables $DINO staking to become the owner of a mysterious $DINOEGG.
Introduction of new ways to earn $DINOEGG through providing liquidity.

Stage 3 (January – September)

Dino Egg NFT minting / Incubating

Ability to turn $DINOEGG into Dino Egg NFTs.
Dino honorary NFTs uniquely customized for Dino partners.
Dino Incubator release to hatch Dino Egg NFTs and generate Dino NFTs . This will have a similar dynamic to turning $DINOEGG into Dino Egg NFT – with the rarity of the egg combined with luck.

Stage 4 (September – …)

Dino Entertainment Future

Take your Dino NFT to battle and equip your own wearable NFTs in a Dino themed battle game.

Additional Info


Join us for the season 1 Dino NFT launch on September 24.