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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Solarians are an offshoot of humanity who were the inhabitants of the first fifty colonies of Earth. However, due to the comfort of their planets and homes, they were ill-suited to colonizing new planets. Solaria was the last one. Solarians found peace and community on their new planet, where they decided to build a safe and secure bridge between Web3 Workers. This revolutionized the way people were paid, while also making fraud impossible. Join us as we help fix what’s broken in our ecosystem.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Solarian Space Society NFT Roadmap

SpaceSocietyDAO Our Dao is full of different utilities, Alpha callouts, sports betting callouts, and Crypto callouts! All can be accessed by holding our NFT!

Artist and Influencer Platform As a result of lots of scams in the nft Ecosystem, We are building a platform that will serve as a middleman(Bank), where Employers and Employees of the nft Ecosystem can feel safe about the business they are doing. More details in discord.

Holder’s Utilities Since our platform will be working as a safe. We will be taking small transaction fees from every transaction that happens on our platform. These funds will be split 50% with holders monthly, while also giving no transaction fees if you hold our nft.

Raffles Monthly Our first raffle will be held through buying our nft, we will be giving away 1x Degods to one lucky winner. From here we will be raffling off other big projects that we believe can be big players in our ecosystem.

Clothing line All holders will be eligible for monthly drops of our Solarian space society clothing line and website. Clothes will be very cost-efficient for holders, while also giving out raffle tickets for IRL items like clothes, shoes, PC’S, cash, and nfts.

Additional Info

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