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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

What does it mean to be a Solcerer?… Well let us explain. You are born, created or maybe even spawned into this dimension. You can feel life and death, you can maybe even see it. Being a Solcerer means you have the gift of Sol-Magic!

By practice you grow stronger and are capable of preforming miracles!

From jumping 20ft high, to flight. From running 40mph, to teleportation. The posibilities are endless!

We are experienced Solcerers who will aid you throughout your journey

Remember Solcerer, sky is only the limit for those who are grounded.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Solcerers NFT Roadmap

Mint start

4444 Solcerers will be available to be minted. After the mint, we will start revealing the 4 layers of magic.

44% of the royalties will go to the community wallet.

Q1 2022
-Holders exclusivities
-All the holders of Solcerers will recieve a whitelist spot for the 4 layers of magic project

Q1 2022
-Launch of the first layer
-More information coming soon!

Q2/Q23 2022
-Staking the Solcerers
-Solcerers staking receive SSRC and


Solcerers Merchandise
Solcerers taking over the world


Additional Info

With our future planned out we will spare no effort to achieve our goals.