SolFaces: Eyeless – Limited Presale Mint - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

SolFaces: Eyeless – collection contains 4444 unique NFTs. It is our 1st of 3 SolFaces collections. The second collection will be SolFaces: Mouseless and third one will be SolFaces: Skinless (will be fully free for holders of multiple Eyesless and Mouseless NFTs). We are passive income project and more utilities coming soon. Presale info: Mint date: TBA( expected 17th of March). Mint price: 0.25 SOL. Supply: only 244 NFTs. Join our Discord for official updates!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

SolFaces NFT Roadmap

Phase 1 – Focus on art Quality
Main aim for us is to create a unique and high-quality NFTs that created specifically for the art connoisseurs. Our priority is to make sure that our art will define you as a holder of something special from other NFT projects. There will be 3 collections – SolFaces: Eyeless, SolFaces: Mouthless and SolFaces: Skinless. We are still working on creating every single SolFaces as well as building the rarity criteria. The minting date will be announced as soon as the art quality will be on high level and some technical aspects are ready.


Phase 2 – SolFaces Community
Realising a website, set up a social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram), launch a Discord server for close communication with community. Start collaborations with other projects. We are working hard to grow and retain a strong community on Discord and other social medias. We want to evolve from unknown project to everyone will want to own SolFaces in their wallet and become our supporter. They are going to be a limited presale for early supporters, 244 NFTs for 0.25 SOL. Also, we will hosting daily and weekly giveaways for the fanbase. As a start after reaching solid number of members on Discord, we will airdrop 20 SolFaces, before the main mint, to the most active members in order to thank our early supporters.


Phase 3 -Successful Launch
Drop our 1 of 3 SolFaces collections (SolFaces: Eyeless). We want to ensure an easy and smooth mint without problems and avoiding issues. There will be a limited whitelist spots and regular public mint. Mint price will be announced closer to mint date.

Take notice: the official information about the mint and minting link will be posted only on Discord and Twitter.


Phase 4 – Marketplace listing&Realising rarity chart
Right after mint sold out, we will release rarity chart and availably on SolRariry Discord channel. Next step is to prepare our collection for listing on all major Marketplaces.

Listing will be immediately after mint sold out.


Phase 5 – Passive income&Giveaways for holders
We will distribute 75% of royalties from secondary sales on marketplaces to each our holders.

First things first. Rewards will be paid out every week. Enjoy your new passive income! We want to make ourselves totally sure, that our community enjoy being holders of SolFaces NFTs. It will work for all 3 SolFaces collections. If you hold at least 1 our NFT, you will get paid for that!

Holder Rewards – 75%: Anyone who is holding a SolFaces, on the weekly reward day, will be entitled to a payout of the 75% of collected royalties.

Also, we are glad to announce that a week after the mint, we will start a WEEK OF GIVEAWAYS for holders. New day – New giveaway! 5 winning spots, prize for all spots will be announced on our Discord&Twitter.


Phase 6 – Repeating and Improvement
Repeat all main steps which mentioned above, continuing to grow community, improve our work and some aspect that did not work right at the first time (first drop), also continuing hosting giveaways for holders and new members as well. Launch our second and third collection.

Additional Info

We will distribute 75% of royalties from secondary sales on marketplaces to each our holders.