Solty Krakens - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Charity and Utility focused NFT project that:

  • will make Donations to Ocean Conservation Charities
  • will build 1st Decentralized Donation x Fundraising platform on the blockchain
  • will share revenue with Solty Krakens holders

P.S. Mint date, time and mint price will be announced later.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Solty Krakens NFT Roadmap

Roadmap 1.0

  • Update Pixilated art

  • Launch Twitter and Discord

  • New Art Sneak Peeks

  • Launch Links Website

  • Medium with Project Overview

  • Provide Contract Details

  • Doxxing Certificate

  • WL Wallets submission

  • Mint

  • Holders Verification

  • Open Holder’s and DAO’s chats

  • Funds Escrow release

  • Recognition gesture​

Roadmap 2.0

  • Create a Donation platform: donate and/ or raise funds in any cryptocurrency

  • Revenue sharing – Solty Krakens holders will receive a percentage from the platform operation by staking or receiving airdrops(weekly/ monthly snapshots)

  • $SK($SOLT, the name is in the works) will be launched along with the platform and will be used as a Donation x Fundraising platform main currency

  • The platform will have a secret G2E(Give2Earn) system; “mystery donations” for $Solty rewards; a gamified donation experiences(can be offered to other projects as a service)

  • Collabs with other projects, either Web 2 or Web 3 that might have intentions to donate or use our gamified donation experiences

  • Multi Chains Wallets support

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly accessories(possibly, our own merch)

  • IRL events, IRL contests, Annual Recognition events, etc.

  • An opportunity to work with one of the charities partners in one of the places it operates in



Additional Info


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