Soul Splicers - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Soul Splicers is an upcoming P2E roguevania game where the main character will be your NFT.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Soul Splicers NFT Roadmap


Content & More Content
The majority of Q1 will be used to design levels, implement new mechanics, add new enemies, create new bosses and add sounds, music and art.

Community Influenced Development
Will constantly be reading through your suggestions and cherry picking the best ideas to be added to the game. If your idea is chosen, you will be rewarded!

New Trailer
Now that more content has been added, the next step is to show it off. A new trailer will be created to showcase the progress that has been made.


NFT Splicing and Community Bosses
The idea of NFT splicing is to take an existing abomination you have and splice it with another NFT from a different collection. This will turn it into a new type of abomination representing that collection’s artwork.

Community Partner Bosses
Community partners will have a shared boss enemy between the community’s players, their players will be able to donate souls in order to power up their boss in-game. Any souls harvested from the boss will be shared among that community.

Improved Layout Generation and Full Gameplay Loop
Now that the majority of the main content has been created, it needs to be added to the game. This will mainly involve creating better generation, layouts and difficulty curves.

Alpha/Beta Testing
Will be releasing an alpha version of the game to selected testers in order to help balance the game. A tokenomics expert will be brought in to help balance the economy.

Abominations Initial Minting
Holders will each be given a free abomination mint in order to help populate the enemy pool for launch.


Game and Sub-Collections Release
Version 1 of the game will be released to holders. This means all sub-collections (traps, dungeon rooms, GEN2) will be released too. Better start harvesting them souls!


After the Initial Release
Work on expansions and more games will start. Any new games that are created will be voted on by the holders.

Additional Info