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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Be different.
Stand out with a PFP that is not your normal avatar. Raise awareness on important topics, or show the metaverse a reflection of yourself. An exclusive 1,234 piece Genesis NFT collection, built on Solana.

Noise is stripped away with remote background landscapes. Your NFT-self is ale to soul search in these settings. It is in these wild locations where the mirror-monolith resides.

What kind of device is able to show you what is reflected in your soul? Something strange indeed. The mirror-monolith adds mystery and provides the medium to show the metaverse a reflection of yourself.

Some reflections are fun, some controversial…others sinister.

Reflected images could be something cool, happy, quirky. They could depict desires or physical items.
But buyer beware…life is not all bears and laser eyes!

​Some images convey a much deeper, sometimes darker meaning.
A personal issue?
A way to raise awareness?
A cry for help?
Community building will be focussed around tackling the difficult issues head on, creating an open environment for owners to share experiences, good or bad.

​Holding multiple Specchio NFT’s gives you the ability to express different moods or topics you have an affinity with with the ability to change your PFP depending on your mood.

Raw emotion, raw art in pixelated form.

🪞What’s in your reflection?🪞

Specchio [spekk-eo] will reward holders with multiple future airdrops and whitelist opportunities.
For starters, owners of Specchio NFT’s will be given a whitelist spot for @DegenDigits which enables you to mint for free!
A community wallet will take 2% of secondary royalties to be distributed as the community sees fit. The wallet will be assigned to the community in the form of a DAO. Merch will be available on our website after launch.

A secret project in the making will be accessible to owners 🧀… ssshhh!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Specchio NFT Roadmap

The plan is to use the genesis collection as a pass to get access to future events. Actually have a lot of art that would be suitable for a 10k collection, but for the above reason want to limit the number for exclusivity. Initially, a random snapshot will be taken of holders wallets and a whitelist distributed for another project (@DegenDigits) where holders will be able to mint for free. A similar stance is being taken on a secret project being worked on in the background with the genesis collection giving access. Have plans in the pipeline (although not made public yet) to create an open environment for our community to talk openly about the more difficult issues that people want to raise awareness on, and live events where the genesis collection can be used as a ticket.

Also giving 2% royalties for secondary sales to a community wallet and merchandise will eventually become available on our website after launch.

Additional Info

Will deliver PFP’s with a difference. Believe that when choosing an avatar PFP, people see something of themselves in the image. This could be a personal feature (e.g. hair colour) or maybe a trait (e.g. glasses, tattoo etc). With a Specchio NFT, this is achieved at a much deeper level. The reflected image is a way for the holder to show what is important to them – it could be a fun, quizzical concept, or even a physical item. Perhaps a topic that they wish to raise awareness on. As our moods change, so can the PFP. One can own multiple Specchio NFT’s and change the message one wishes to convey, whilst still keeping the overall feeling of the collection and not having to change community.