Stoned Hippies Realm - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Stoned Hippies Realm is a collection of peace and positivity-loving 2222 hippies that met and instantly got connected through their love for music. With our story, hippies and artists have turned the story to NFT and are launching with Peace, Puff and Positivity in the Solana ecosystem.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Stoned Hippies Realm NFT Roadmap

January – March 2022
Preparation, Assemble the Team, Investor Pitch Deck and Secure Seed funding

April – June 2022
Community Platform Launch, Reveal of the Chronicle – Tale of the go-to-tea house “Sigis of Kabul”, First NFT sneak peeks and AMA Campaigns

July – September 2022
Publish Whitepaper, Strategic Partnership and Collaboration, Official Mint date Announcement, Showcase 2222 Stoned Hippies Gen-0 NFTs collection, Stoned Hippies DAO Setup

October – December 2022
Mint and Secondary Market Listing, Tokenomics and Utilities, Stake to earn $SHR, Xmas Metaverse Launch Party

Additional Info

Mint – 25th Sep

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