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Project Description

Story Games is a “choose your own adventure” style game, where you need to complete hidden object, match 3 and time management challenges in order to pass through the story.

Our game will feature a variety of different stories, each coming from a different writer and offering different playstyles. A demo of our game is already available in your app store of choice, and the NFT collection for the first story Immortalized will be launching with 2,500 unique PFPs later this summer, with all NFTs having utility in the game.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Story Games NFT NFT Roadmap

Phase 1 (prior to release until sellout of 1st collection):

01. Beta release of Story Games Immortalized (an epic spy story with hidden object gameplay) – It’s already released, go check it out!

02. NFT Mint launch for the Story Games Character Collection #1 NFTs in September 2022 (the total will amount to 15000 NFTs, released in 6 collections of 2500 each)

03. The minting price for the first 2500 is expected to be ETH 0.02

04. All NFTs will have utility in the game prior to release and will be based on characters in the Story Games universe

05. New games, features and NFT utility will gradually be added to our project after each sellout, including but not limited to:

• Match-3, Hidden Objects and Time Management games, Pvp (player vs player), leagues, tournaments, clans, player profile, collections, achievements, quiz etc
Phase 2 (after sellout of 1st until sellout of 2nd collection):

01. Community Idea Lab Discord channel will be launched for Story Games NFT holders

02. More NFT utility will be added after each sellout

• 2 further experienced game developers/designers will be hired after sellout of first collection
• A new story will be added to the application within 6 months after collection #1 sells out – Paranormal investigators in Ghosts of Blanoby!

03. The launch date of collection #2 will depend on market conditions, and the demand we see for collection #1. We are JPEG degens too, and we have seen that inflating the supply of NFTs in an ecosystem can hurt a community’s biggest supporters if not handled carefully. This is also why our mints are low and our collection sizes are small. We’re here for the vibes. WAGMI!
Phase 3 (after sellout of 2nd collection):

01. A new Match-3 version of Story Games will be launched within 6 months after collection #2 sells out – either Paper Squares and Purple Stars (a world of crazy rave parties) or Beyond Limits (an intergalactic sci-fi story), our community will decide!

02. A new hidden object version of Story Games will be released within 6 months after collection #2 sells out – Story Games History, an intriguing and educational history game where you play as historical characters!

03. There will be a total of 6 collections with 2500 NFTs in each collection. Up to 50 NFTs will be withheld from each collection to be given out as prizes and gifts.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!