Strangers HQ Public Raffle - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Strangers HQ is a generative PFP project created by Collective Strangers and artist Nick Kuchar. Inspired by adventure, modern design, and the early days of surf culture; this whimsical collection of characters is an ode to exploration and finding meaning in shared experiences.
Collective Strangers began as a web3 focused photography collective with a love for travel and sharing photos. We inspired the first community sourced NFT photography collection. Now we’re expanding beyond photography to become a travel hub for all of web3.
Co-founder: Eric Rubens is a southern California based photographer. He’s built an audience of over 500,000 followers across his social channels by sharing a love for vibrant colors, beautiful landscapes, and connecting with others. He is currently signed to long-term partnerships with Sony and United Airlines. Other clients include Disney, AMEX, Four Seasons, BMW, Adidas, Adobe, Mercedes-Benz, and many other brands across the world. He was selected as 1 of 12 artists in the world to be a launch partner for Instagram’s Digital Collectibles premiere.
Co-Founder: Known as Passion by the NFT community, Noah has a background in corporate finance, operations, and consulting. He found his true calling NFTs in 2020 and has been involved as a collector, operator, and founder. He currently leads strategy and operations at Unblocked, which builds newly imagined NFT applications enabling music and entertainment brands (Billboard, Pepsi, Intel, Penske Media Corp) to build meaningful value for their communities. His previous experience includes Deloitte, Rarible Protocol, and several venture backed hospitality-tech startups.
Artist: Nick Kuchar creates vintage inspired surf and travel art featuring his favorite locations of this ‘āina he calls home. His creative process takes him throughout the islands where he looks for inspiration paddling out at surf breaks and going on hikes. He takes onsite sketches and photographs into his studio where he uses a mix of acrylic washes and digital illustration to bring his vision of these locales to life. His artwork is featured with numerous travel and consumer brands such as Hurley, Patagonia, JuneShine, Four Seasons, Hawaii Airlines, and more!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Strangers HQ Public Raffle NFT Roadmap

We don’t believe in fancy roadmaps.

We’ve been around the space long enough to know most of them are wishful thinking. OUR ROADMAP IS SIMPLE: BUILD THE FUTURE OF WEB3 TRAVEL and experiences. Here’s what we have planned for the next month:

01. Launch Website

02. Announce OpenSea Partnership

03. Nominations

04. initiate minting

05. Art Reveal

06. Social Staking

Additional Info

Strangers HQ supply is 6500 digital collectibles. Price will be announced closer to mint.

The allowlist is a list of people who will have priority access on mint day. Members on the allowlist will be able to mint before the public sale. The best way to get access to the allowlist is through our partnership communities, discord giveaways, and our nomination system. Details on our nomination system will be dropping soon.