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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

SUCKY NFT is a collection of 10K sucky panthers on the blockchain (Ethereum) that doesn’t suck! Based on Sucky Panther Tattoos.
Yes, really! Just like the NFT space has some really bad art, this one celebrates the suck just like the sucky panther tattoos that became a trend embracing really sucky tattoos!

Sucky Panthers are grungy, punk, and get kicked out of yacht clubs.

The SUCKYNFT will be donating 75% of all royalties to The World Wildlife Fund each year. Want to help conserve our planet for ourselves and our fellow wild panthers.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Sucky NFT NFT Roadmap

PHASE 1: Build Community…..Mint……

PHASE 2: PRIVATE Discord for Holders ONLY…….First Donation to World Wildlife Fund

PHASE 3: Monthly Giveaway Contests to Holders (NFTs, Airdrops, Eth, Etc…)…….SuckyNFT Charity & Volunteering Opportunities…..IRL social Events……NFT Art projects mentorship and launch assistance.

Additional Info

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