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Project Description

Cichlid Bounty Hunters are part of the Sunken Tribes NFT ecosystem. They protect the Oceans from the Metaverse criminal underworld.
Each Bounty Hunter has its own unique properties for NFT gaming.

Secure your Sunken Tribes Cichlid Bounty Hunters NFT today to prevent the rise of the underworld.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Sunken Tribes: Cichlid Bounty Hunters drop NFT Roadmap

After the Cichlid Bounty Hunters NFT collection minting, the next Sunken Tribes release will be its Criminals. A collection of the most ruthless contract killers across the ocean. The third release will be the Dark Ocean Warlords, a limited edition of the Sunken Tribes Lords and Leaders.

Who will you choose, the hunters or the hunted?

Phase 2
Next Release- CRIMINALS

Phase 3
Future Release- WARLORDS

Additional Info

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