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Project Description

10.000 Little ones who will be the icon against BULLYING. JOIN UP!!


The Six Year Old Club’ NFT collection is the begining of our fight for a better future for our little ones. This universe is not very well represented even though it is an important part. Our collection are cartoon charecters who have been designed by talented artists to give them life in the Metaverse. By joining the community, you may be making the best investment of your life.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Syoc Nft project NFT Roadmap

Year 6 BM (Before Musk), after the arrival of human beings on different planets in the universe, a technology center called SYOC LAB genetically improves children to better adapt to these planets.
Their physical modification allows them to live in peace and harmony with the nature of those places, learning from each other, working as a team and respecting each other despite their great physical differences.
On the one hand we would find humans, who despite undergoing few modifications, were able to adapt to the environment with ease, since SYOC LAB provided them with enough knowledge to survive in them.
Monkey children, capable of performing tasks at great heights.
The little demons, who live in the subsoil of the different planets, capable of withstanding high temperatures with great visual acuity in environments without light.
The little children of the sea, perfectly adapted to work as a team together with the marine fauna.
The children of the snow, who live in mountains and are in charge of rescuing lost climbers.
The white wolf children, perfectly adapted in the jungles of planets like Jupiter or Saturn.
Mime children, capable of making everything known through their animated gestures
ROBOT SYOC-1, the first generation of robots made with artificial intelligence and successfully integrated into human society
ROBOT SYOC-2, second generation, which with its bright colors are used for children without friends to join them and thus combat injustice
ROBOT SYOC-3, latest generation, with its dark colors serve to monitor injustices between children.
ZOMBIE children, do not be afraid, they are not dangerous, the virus vaccine made them friendly and playful
Alien from Mars, he loves the heat, his existence is known because he loves to give a positive message on his social networks
Alien from Jupiter, recently arrived on earth, where they are teaching others to work as a team and to respect each other.
Colorful abstract child, lives in KIDAVERSE, the children’s metaverse created by SYOC LABS
Black and white abstract child, they are in the subconscious of KIDAVERSE, helping to create a better future
Golden children, legend has it that they exist and that they have a heart of GOLD
What do we want to show with this? That all children are equal, that despite their differences they can live in the same place, be together and live peacefully.
Be part of our movement! Be part of SYOC!
As you may have observed my friends, there are many little ones that are part of our community, and many rarities that show More than 300!!!!
They are all wonderful and exclusive, but some will have some attributes as exclusive as their very existence, something that will give them an unimaginable value.

10%- Publicize our little GREAT PROJECT!
30% Reach 1000 followers on our Twitter account
45% The Mint begins!!! Distribute 10,000 SYOC for who wants to be part of this movement
60% Contribute part of the profits to an Association against Bullying to be chosen by our community
70% Reach 10,000 followers on Twitter
80% Purchase of parcels in the booming Metaverse, where events will be created, where the profits will be distributed among the HOLDERS
100% Creation of KIDAVERSE, the SYOC events area in which all Holders can participate, creating events or being part of them.

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