TacoTuesday - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The original collection of 3,333 unique Taco Trucks, loaded with all the savory goodness of community, utility, and innovation.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

TacoTuesday NFT Roadmap

1st MINT!! April 12th, 2022

⦁ Mint price only 0.08 eth and holders decide the price of the second mint
⦁ Release of the first 1,111 Taco Tuesday Taco Trucks. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS DROP. The holders of the first 1,111 will immediately participate in a series of votes that will give more direction to the roadmap. First on the agenda? Identifying and purchasing estate(s) in the metaverse. Why? To split it up and give it away, of course. . . .wait. . . WHAT?!
⦁ It will make sense in a minute.
⦁ The holders will also be able to propose uses for the land, INCLUDING their own project ideas. Details on Discord.
⦁ Holders will decide the mint price

2nd MINT!! April 19th, 2022

⦁ Release of the second 1,111 Taco Tuesday Taco Trucks.
⦁ With land already purchased and development of the community center underway, a short window will open for new project proposals
⦁ Holders of the first 2,222 Taco Trucks will vote on the proposed land use projects, with 50% of the land being dedicated to projects from the first 1,111, 25% of the land for projects from the second 1,111, and 25% maintained for the community.
⦁ Holders will decide the mint price

3rd MINT!! April 26th, 2022

⦁ Release of the final 1,111 Taco Tuesday Taco Trucks.
⦁ You might be late, but you didn’t miss out. All holders will vote on development and use of the community center AND receive passive income from all Taco Tuesday projects.
⦁ Community wallet funded.
⦁ Oh, and we’re Taco Tuesday. Family. Friends. Passive Income. Great Food. Yeah, we’re going to party!!
⦁ Holders will decide the mint price

1st Event!! May, 3rd, 2022

⦁ The winners of the community project vote will be announced at our first community event on OUR LAND.
⦁ Taco Tuesday will provide financial backing to these projects, from the community wallet.
⦁ SUPER SECRET SURPRISE DROP. Ssshhhhh. Can’t really talk about it, but it may or may not start with an “S”. . . and end with “tacking and staking.” There was something else about “tokenomics,” but, come on, that’s totally fake. . . right?
⦁ Holders will decide the mint price

Some Tuesday(s) in The Future

⦁ Alright, it may be time to clear the air about this whole land give-away thing.
⦁ As the community projects go live and become profitable, all Taco Tuesday holders will receive passive income just for continuing to be a member of the community.
⦁ A ceiling on revenue from each project will be established through a community vote and used to refund the community wallet.
⦁ Once a project reaches their revenue ceiling, Taco Tuesday will transfer the land they’ve built their project on, to them. They’ve earned it. The land and all their future profits.
⦁ Don’t worry, all Taco Tuesday holders will still benefit from the community that’s been built. See the FAQ section for more.
⦁ Holders will decide the mint price

Another Tuesday in The Future

⦁ With the community wallet replenished, we’ll do it all again.
⦁ Identify and vote on land acquisition.
⦁ Propose projects.
⦁ Etc.
⦁ Holders will decide the mint price

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