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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Team Mustachios consists of 3 teams of 2222 units, yellow, green and blue for a total of 6666 unique NFTs. Unlike traditional stacking, have innovated to give you an unprecedented experience.
Therefore redistribute the royalties in a playful way by selecting a team each week as well as 2 traits from the collection.

If your team is selected during the current week, you win but if you own one or even better 2 traits, you could win big.

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Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Team Mustachios NFT Roadmap

Step 1
Presale for “OG” and WL” role
– OG role will have the best discount on the mint price.
– WL role are not in rest, they also have a decent discount on the mint price.
– Both OG and WL will have a dedicated timeframe to mint their Team Mutachios.
*OG: Mean very early into the project.
*WL: Whitelist. Mean they will be able to mint before the public mint.

Step 2
Public sale
– Team Mutachios NFTs are now on sale for everyone.
– The first 100 NFTs will already be minted and are reserved for giveaways and gifts

Step 3
Rarity chart
– Release of the ranking for your Team Mustachios NFTs.
– Your NFTs will be ranked from 1 to 6666.
– Are you the lucky one who gonna get the top 3?

Step 4
– You don’t want to miss that… The legendaries Mustachios will come into play!
– Legendaries will have special abilities. More details soon!

Step 5
– Start of the season 1 of the royalties game.
– Every week, holding only one nft give you the chance of winning a % of the royalties.
– During season 1, every traits of the collection will be selected at least one time.
– Pro tips: hold one of each team to make sure you earn rewards every week.

Step 6
– Partnership with others projects to increase the visibility on Team Mustachios.
– That means more contests!
– And more giveaways!

Step 7
– Who doesn’t like free airdop? Yes, we said FREE.

Step 8
– Can’t reveal it yet but this is gonna be epic!


Additional Info

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