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Project Description

Tehk City NFT Collection paves the way to DEATH FOR HIRE: The Origin of Tehk City, a new hard-crime graphic novel prelude to a massive IP universe that will span animation, music, toys, NFTs, and beyond. Created by iconic musician and actor Ice-T, founding NWA member Arabian Prince, and Award-Winning artist Tommy The Animator, the graphic novel introduces a brutal ensemble of pushers and murderers in a world where the line between anti-hero and arch-villain blurs quickly. DEATH FOR HIRE: The Origin of Tehk City is edited by Z2’s Rantz Hoseley, with Josh Bernstein of Z2 Comics and Shannon Eric Denton of Monster Forge Productions serving as executive producers.

A murderer’s row of rap luminaries and pop culture icons will serve as the likeness and voices within the upcoming Tehk City animated series. In addition to iconic producer Dr. Dre providing an original score for the animated series, each rap artist will write and perform a custom theme for their character. Season One of the Tehk City NFT Collection (releasing November 2022) features Mayor Chuck Davis (Ice-T).

The project aims to pave the way for content creation and fan engagement — connecting artists to the community as the story unfolds. The Initial collection includes a one-of-one Tehk City NFT based on Mayor Chuck Davis (including utility from the jump) in addition to other exclusive merch surrounding the release of SEASON ONE: DEATH FOR HIRE.

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