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Project Description

Welcome to The Atlas Lyons Club – a collection of Matchbox NFTs inspired by the roaring 20’s. Beyond the beautifully crafted art, storyline, and immersive Atlas experience, each Matchbox will have embedded traits for use in the community and ultimately to govern future Atlas Lyons projects.

As you venture into The Atlas Lyons Club experience, be prepared for a fun and exciting celebration of the Roaring 20’s that will challenge, excite, and reward you. With The Atlas Lyons Club, it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

The Atlas Lyons Club NFT Roadmap

Join Mortimer in the Atlas Speakeasy for great conversation and a community like no other.

The Atlas Lyons Club mission is to deliver a chance for EVERY member to escape their current world and imagine one of their own making.

Atlas Lyons Club members will vote for which projects get the “green light” for acceptance into the incubator, and the community will help shape all aspects of the projects.

Mortimer and the 1920s come to life through a 10K PFP avatar drop that embodies Morty, the Speakeasy and his founding crew.

With guidance from Mortimer and our securities lawyers, our vision is for members to have the opportunity to benefit from the success of the Atlas Lyons Club and all the projects that launch from our incubator.

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