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Next NFT Drop

Project Description


The GigaChad Coin Collection is an extremely limited set of 50 NFTs paying homage to the famous “GigaChad” meme. The Meme Mint and has partnered with photographer Krista Sudmalis (the original photographer of GigaChad) to bring a 3D coin collection with designs referenced from the works of 6 GigaChad images. It’s the first collection created by The Meme Mint which will help lay the foundation of the project and pave the way for things to come. Each NFT will be an ERC-721 non-fungible token stored on the Ethereum network.


The GigaChad Coin Collection will be essential to the growth of The Meme Mint. Since all funding prior to the mint has been provided by the founder, the mint will pay back business expenses as well as allow for future development of the project. In addition, a large portion of the mint will go towards the Community Wallet. Funds from the Community Wallet will initially be given back to the community through The Meme Mint League. In the future, prizes will be claimed through a dedicated dapp.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

The GigaChad Coin Collection NFT Roadmap


The Meme Mint Medallions
The Birth of The Meme Mint
“Five medallions to rule them all, five medallions to find them. Five medallions to bring them all, in smart contract bind them.”

QI 2023

The GigaChad Collection
The first collection will be commemorating the legendary GigaChad. 50 NFTs will be minted. We will also launch The Meme Mint League

Q2/Q3 2023
TBA Collection
An exciting new collection will launch that will bring new features to the current collections as well create a whole new ecosystem!

2023 & Beyond
Please visit our whitepaper for a more comprehensive roadmap.

Additional Info

GigaChad Coin Collection Mint Dates:

Goldlist – 2/3/23 – 0.05Ξ
Whitelist – 2/4/23 – 0.08Ξ
Public – 2/5/23 – 0.1Ξ

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