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Project Description

Akuma Origins – The Little Devils
The spell was cast, and for a few seconds, The Realm had gone quiet…
Dovah Priest closed his book and stared into the night sky. “It has been done, a necessary evil…” he muttered. Ever since Akuma was released from its ancient prison, The Realm was in turmoil. The Faction leaders tried many ways to stop him but to no avail. Some leaders even decided to join Akuma’s side and are causing a ruckus alongside him.
The Little Devils are gearing up to be airdropped across the Ethereum blockchain, ready to wreak havoc in The Realm. A tiny but fierce army of 6666 Devils was summoned by Dovah Priest to fight the corruption that spread in the place our Yokai call home. The majority of these Devils, being 5555 , will be assigned to their respective Yokai – to aid them in battle. The remainder of the army, 1111 Devils to be precise, will be distributed amongst our partnering communities.

Mint date of The Little Devils

While our mint date is approaching very fast, we’d like to challenge our community with a fun experience and take you on a journey to discover the airdrop of The Little Devils alongside us! Let’s start this adventure together and discover the secrets of The Realm!
About Akuma Origins
Akuma Origins is a brand bridging the digital and physical world together. An army of 5555 Yokai was set free on the blockchain, roaming the realm. Owning a Yokai gives you access to the realm through the portal. The realm is a place defying the rules and boundaries you know today, blurring the lines of reality and creating a phygital world. A new event is unraveling within The Realm, do you dare to take it by its horns?
Now the Yokai will be joined by their companion Little Devil – A Devil on the shoulder!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

The Little Devils – Akuma Origins NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

Mint info of The Little Devils:
Date: Discover the lost mystery together with us!
Price: Free + Gas
Total Supply: 6666 – 5555 for holders, 1111 for public

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