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Project Description

What does it take to become a Millie$?

Become part of a private club of 6500 self-made “millionaires”, that enjoy exclusive IRL privileges such as parties all over the world (Ibiza, Miami, Los Angeles, Dubai), high-quality Branded clothing, ETH rewards hidden inside the Art, a FREE airdrop just for holders, and many, other hidden benefits that will be revealed before the end of the year.

These Millionaires started from zero, and their next goal is to become Billionaires -and with a team with strong connections, and the leadership of the founder and artist who has worked for major brands like McDonalds, Movistar, LEVIS, BBVA, etc…these Millie$ aren’t gonna stop at anything to get where they are going.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

The Millie$ Club NFT Roadmap

Millie$ minting, 10,000 unique nfts are minted on our website and available on Opensea (secondary market) afterwards.

A percentage of the sales is raffles among NFT holders. Prize pools for Millie$. There are hidden prizes in the collection find them and earn them!

Exclusive parties for Millies holders. Tickets to Millies’ private parties will be raffles. the parties will be free for invited holders. Some lucky ones will have their flights paid for.
Millies owners who have a Golden Ticket will have a direct pass. Intend to create exclusive events and parties around the world: Ibiza, Miami, Dubai…

The second generation of Millies is launched. Finally the millionaires (Millie$) have evolved to become billionaires (Billie$)
Owners of a Millie (10,000 units) will be able to int a Billie$ for free. 15,000 second generation Billie$ will be released

Exclusive merchandising for Millie$ or Billie$ holders. Only the owners will have access to exclusive clothing from the collection. (T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps…).

Intend to create along lating community and share our achievements with you. want to make exclusive event7s in the future for the community, prizes or sporadic raffles, more collections, have a lot of idea..a videogame? a TV show? who knows…
This has just7 started and looking forward to seeing where this great project of crazy millionaires takes us!

Additional Info

Join us in Discord or send us a DM to see how to get on our Whitelist!

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