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Project Description

MINTING on 24 November 2022

The Moggie Rescue Club is a 10k NFTs collection running on the Ethereum blockchain.

By adopting and holding a Moggie from our collection, you will become a member of the Moggie Rescue Club. You won’t just own a purrific NFT but also contribute to helping selected cat related charities around the world, and the development of our most ambitious project : The Moggie Rescue Club Sanctuary IRL, in France.

Perks for Holders will be :

-> Access to Live Cams from the Sanctuary.

-> Virtual Adoptions with 1/1 Editions.

-> Voting System for Main Decisions.

-> High Quality Merch.

-> Second Collection.

-> Strong Community United around Cats.

Minting on 24 November 2022

Mint Price : 0.03 ETH

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Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

The Moggie Rescue Club NFT Roadmap

Phase 1 – Creation of the club10k Moggie Rescue Club NFTs available for adoption
The Adoption Days will start on 11/24/22 and will last for 30 days. Mint price will be 0.03 ETH. 10 000 Moggies will be available. To spice things up for our holders, we’ll be giving away one Otherdeed for Otherside at every 1000 adopted Moggies. 1000 Moggies minted = 1 lucky winner among these 1000 NFTs.

Phase 2 – Distribution of the profitsFurther development of the Moggie Rescue Club Sanctuary project
100% of the mint profits will directly go to the development of the Moggie Rescue Club Sanctuary and building of the future phases. As for Royalties, they will be transferred to selected NGOs via monthly ETH transfers. Check our Medium to know how we’re going to make it, with different potential scenarios.

Phase 3 – Building the Sanctuary IRLCreation of a legal structure & real estate acquisition
Profits will go to the creation of a legal structure, acquiring real estate in France, renovation as requested by the standards and regulations in force, hiring qualified people to take special care of the cats, buying specialized food and medications, buying furniture and equipment, preparing our live cam project for holders with all the privacy, reliability and security it requires, paying taxes and bills related to the place, and covering other potential costs directly related to the sanctuary and the project.

Phase 4 – Second CollectionAvailable exclusively for holders
100% of the mint profits and royalties from this second collection will be used to support the Moggie Rescue Club Sanctuary in the long term. Only members of the Moggie Rescue Club will be able to mint. For this collection, we’ve planned on perks that we’re keeping secret for the moment.

Phase 5 – Immersive experience & other benefitsNo metaverse planned here, sorry not sorry !
Holders will have access to exclusive content such as live cams from the sanctuary, adding even more transparency to the project. Every Club Member holding at least one NFT from our collection will be able to see memeworthy images live and direct. They will be able to check how our beloved cats are taken care of, in the best conditions possible.
We’re also planning on Virtual Adoption via the blockchain, high quality merch for holders and their IRL cats, a voting system, and other exclusive advantages that will be revealed as the project grows. Any potential profit from these roadmap features will fully go to the cats in the Sanctuary.

Phase 6 – 1/1 NFTsAvailable exclusively for Holders
At this moment, we’re sure of one thing : We’ll be welcoming cats in our sanctuary, no matter how hard life has been treating them. Some of our Moggies will need very special care, and require extra attention from caregivers. We don’t see it as a burden, and we’ll be there for them no matter how long they will need it.
These cats are exceptional in their own way, and we want the holders to be a part of their life. By minting one of our 1/1’s, you will contribute directly to taking care of one exceptional individual, and will have access to special content related to your 1/1 NFT.
Every of these NFTs will be attached to a real cat from the Sanctuary, virtually adopted by the holder.

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