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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

GM, Welcome to The Sarge Universe!
If you’re looking for the next NFT project with a AAA world-class team who have worked on multiple $1Billion+ gaming franchises, then look no further!
The Sarge Universe is a disruptive multi-genre mobile gaming franchise targeting a $6.2Bn market, which has over 100M daily active users within it.
We have 3 mobile games being built:
1. Mobile Strategy Game (think Clash of Clans)
2. First-Person Shooter (think Fornite)
3. 4X Metaverse (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate!)
Its taken us YEARS to get to this point!
Even still, you’re EARLY into our project’s journey!
So Congratulations and continue reading to find out more…
Our Mission:
Our mission is to make gaming a way of life for millions of gamers!
1. Earn revenue
2. Create in-game communities
3. Build personal brands
4. Host lucrative tournaments
All within our custom gaming software!
Our 1000 Genesis Hero NFTs & their Utility: (Why Buy One?)
We have 1,000 Genesis Heroes up for grabs, each granting its holder a VIP Member Pass across our entire gaming franchise.
Each of these VIP Membership NFTs have 16 Use Cases, that are broken down into 4 categories, including:
1. Hero NFT
2. Airdrops
3. Award Ceremonies
4. Tickets to SargeCon
5. All our Games (Gamers Favorite)
6. Future NFT Drops
7. $Sarge Token Presale (Investors Favorite)
8. Announcements/Updates
9. VIP Groups
10. VIP Support Channels
11. Private AMAs
12. Private Events
13. Exclusive Heroes
14. Multi-Item Care Packages
15. VIP Only Areas in our 4X Metaverse
16. More Features (TBA)
Our Team & Partnerships:
I personally have headhunted and pulled together our amazing team that you see today!
Yes the list of partnerships are great, but its the people behind the logos that excite me the most.
All will be revealed soon enough, but for now, lets focus on our 3 core partnerships:
1. PixelPlex – are building our Mobile Strategy Game & entire blockchain software, along with our social media platform & NFT marketplace. You can rest assure that they are more than capable of delivering here, as they have:
i) 450+ projects in their portfolio (2 Unicorns)
ii) 80+ blockchain projects
iii) 170+ developers to hand
2. Nitro Games – who are building our First-Person Shooter, have specialise in build FPS games for many years now. They have so far:
i) 50+ games in their portfolio
ii) 140+ developers to hand
3. The Powell Group – will be our Executive Game Producers for all 3 of our games. Jay the CEO has 20+ years experience and has a vast portfolio of clients, along with his core team members working on multiple $1Billion+ franchises.
And the list of our partnerships goes on, along with our list of over 40 contributors now.
We will reveal all once we have sold-out and opened our VIP Discord channel, so we can discuss everything in more private!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

The Sarge Universe (Twitter GA Winners) NFT Roadmap

Step 1
Finalise GDDs

Step 2
VIP Memberships

Step 3
Sarge’s Pre-Sale

Step 4
Mobile Strategy Game

Step 5
First Person Shooter

Step 6
Social Media Platform

Step 7

Step 8
SargeCon eSports

Step 9
4X Metaverse

Additional Info

Want to Get-In Early on The Next Generation of Reward-Based Gaming?
Then verify here to claim your Sargelist Spot so you can Mint 1 of our 1000 Genesis Heroes (VIP Passes)!

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