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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Sky Swans are a fellowship of creators, innovators, and art lovers. They hail from Skydas City, a place dedicated to supporting artists and creating culture. These 7777 unique characters give you access to a world far beyond your piece of art.

The Skydas team is committed to helping forge new paths for artists through education and grants; bridging the gab to Web3. Artist’s use of the blockchain is harnessing new technology to reward creators for their art and music, cutting out the middle men, and the Sky Swans want to help lead this movement.

The Sky Swans fellowship will foster a community where artists can thrive. Through collaboration, guidance, and access to industry experts we will help artists create sustainable ecosystems for their work. Through our grant submission process we’ll bring exposure to up-and-coming artists. Music is taking over web3 and we will be a catalyst that is ready for that growth and innovation.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

The Sky Swans NFT Roadmap

  • Join the Sky Swan Fellowship when you become a member of our Discord. Be the first to know when our Whitelist and lotteries are announced!
  • Once we reach 7,777 Discord members we’ll raffle five Sky Swan NFTs
  • Skydas City releases the limited Swan Egg NFTs. These will secure your purchase of a Sky Swan before our pre-sale. Bronze Eggs = 1 Sky Swan, Silver Eggs = 3 Sky Swans, Gold Eggs = 7 Sky Swans
  • We will release 7,777 Sky Swans in March 2022
  • The Sky Swans are sold out. Seven holders of the rare Solar Swans NFTs will receive a $7,777 USD bonus
  • The Sky Swans have returned to Skydas! The Solar Swans begin the Solar Treasury to rebuild their community and city. Algae Token (ALGE) liquidity pool is created with 10% of the revenue from the Sky Swan minting
  • The Sky Swans connect back with their community & home. Their art flourishes and 777 Swan Songs are released. There will be a pre-sale of Swan Songs for Swan holders. Those who acquire a Swan Song will be able to mint a Spirit Swan in Skydas City
  • Skydas City will release 49,000 Sky Note NFTs. All Sky Swan holders will receive 1 Sky Note for free
  • The Sky Swans have returned to Skydas City. Swan Songs and Sky Notes are revealing Spirit Swans to the community. The Skydas City Team will host an amazing virtual and in-person event at a prime travel destination with incredible musicians, artists and the sky swan fellowship! Access to this event, and many to come will be free for all Swan holders
  • Sky Swan holders will have the ability to claim an additional “Companion” NFT collection for free. If any swan holders miss the claiming period, all remaining companions will be available for purchase on Opensea. There will be more than 30 variations

Additional Info

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