The Zodiacs Club - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Zodiacs are for a community full of japanese, chinese, anime and zodiac enthusiasts to build a brand around what we love.

The zodiacs nfts are 3d unique pieces consisting of over 250+ unique traits, 4k resolution, 13 one of ones, 26 Zodiac legends, 3,294 Part zodiacs and humans and a story to tell the world.

Part zodiac nfts will have a specific zodiac trait that tells you which of the 13 zodiacs your nft falls into..
See the example here on the left : this is a random nft in the collection, however this nft has “dragon wings” indicating this nft is apart of the dragon zodiac…

you can try minting your zodiac that is based on your year, collect all zodiac members, or see which zodiac you fall into by minting!

the Zodiacs plan to build a strong community, one we can call family, and to make sure none of us feel the outcast feeling like the cat did in the Chinese zodiac story…
​we will also be investing our profits back into utilities and other ideas for this project and for the community..

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

The Zodiacs Club NFT Roadmap

Phase 1
3333 Zodiacs Minted w/ 13 being one of ones
reveal image shows what zodiac your nft will fall into
reveal nfts on __/__/2022
Holders Channel in Discord
​Starting production on The Zodiacs Manga (1/1 & Legend minters free)
The Zodiacs Club
1/1s & Legend Holders special role in Discord
Community Events
The zodiacs uploaded to & Raritysniper

Phase 2
Merch (free for legend and 1/1 minters) see Sneak peak in 1/1 pages
The Zodiacs Real Life Figurines (free for 1/1 minters)
The Zodiacs Real Life Plushies (free for legend and 1/1 minters)
Airdropping free WL tickets to all minters for our next project
The Zodiacs land in the Sandbox Metaverse
Playable skins inside the Sandbox Metaverse

Phase 3
​Real Life Digital Frames of 1/1s & Legends
Production on The Zodiacs P2E Game
All rewards sent to minters
Limited edition merch drop
The Zodiacs Sake / soju (21+)

Phase 4
​The Zodiacs Official NFT Collection Part 2 (more info coming soon)
Real Life Events
Community Takeover
giving back to the community

Additional Info

WL can mint on December 1st at 7pm (Est) and public can mint on December 2nd at 10am (EST)

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

Stay updated and never miss a drop