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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Thinkr is a project that is disrupting higher education using Web 3 technology. Establishing the Lovelace Scholarship which will not only provide students with a scholarship but also a living stipend.

Will also be creating tools, platforms, and resources that will ensure higher education is more accessible and affordable. Higher education is a sector that is ripe for disruption and we are committed to this long-term.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Thinkr NFT Roadmap

FEb 27, 2022

Q1 2022

Welcome to Thinkr
Website Version 1.0
The launch of our website is the first step in delivering Web3 products that will make a positive impact on students and higher education. The road ahead is an exciting one and all will do during this journey will be our greatest reward.

Community Building
All going to make it. #WAGMI
Bringing together a group of individuals that know the importance of opportunity in education. Believe education is a human right. Let’s make that a reality.

Announcing the Lovelace Scholarship Program
Letting the World Know
The Lovelace Scholarship Program is one of the many ways plan on using Web3 technology to revolutionize the relationship students have with higher education. Plan on getting the word out there about what building and how it will impact lives in a tangible way.

Recruit more Thinkrs!
Need more Thinkrs like you!
Thinkr is in the early community and structural development stages. As our project grows, will continue looking for talented, diverse, and open-minded members that bring value to our team.

Smart Contract Planning
Structural Planning in Progress
Architecting Thinkr’s NFT Smart contract and minting contract.

Q2 2022

Begin NFT Art Collaboration
Collaborate with our Amazing Artists.
The development of the Thinkr NFT artwork will honor some of the great thinkers who have come before us. At the forefront of this project will be absolute transparency. Want our community members to feel involved and understand what’s going on at all times during the project’s most important stages.

Begin Smart Contract Development
Coding coding coding…keep them fingers coding
The accuracy of the code written for our smart contracts is of the utmost importance. All code written for our smart contracts is final once published to the Ethereum Mainnet. Take the accuracy of the code very seriously because any errors found in the code could allow exploits to go undetected for years to come. This is why need to be incredibly deliberate and precise when crafting our smart contracts so can be confident in our project’s core foundation for the foreseeable future.

Giving back to our earliest supporters
Thinkr would be nothing without our community. A select few who chose to believe in our project from the beginning will be given the chance to mint our first NFT series from our THINK List.

Thinkr Collection NFT Mint Date
Presale and Public sale
Announce the date and times for Thinkr NFT collection presale and public sale.

Q3 2022

Lovelace Scholarship Application Process
If you are a Thinkr, want you!
Opening up the application process in order to find the first recipient of The Lovelace Scholarship. Thinkr will be changing education as we know it. This starts by relieving the financial burden of tuition and living expenses imposed on a scholar we feel encapsulates what it means to be a member of the Thinkr community.

The Selection Process
Sifting through the applicants
Beginning the process of choosing the finalists for the Lovelace Scholarship with the help of the community. Look forward to working with our community on what will be a life changing event for students.

Awarding the Lovelace Scholarship
Rewarding the first student(s)
The first recipient of The Lovelace Scholarship will be chosen by the founders. With the help of the Thinkr community has made the first steps toward changing higher education for the better.

Q4 2022

Develop Games, Tools, and Much More
Learn 2 Earn
We will begin the development of educational platforms, games, learning materials, and capture the flag events that the community will participate in to earn ETH. Have some fun ideas to educate our community and reward those who have engaged with the community throughout the process.

ThinkrDAO Opening Day
Announcing the details of the official DAO
Revealing The Thinkr DAO. Also starting the process of educating the community about how they can join, vote, and more. The Thinkr DAO serves as a fundamental layer of our community engagement so can’t wait to share more with you about this aspect of our project.

Transitioning to The Locke Era of Education
Celebrating Alain LeRoy Locke
As the year comes to a close will begin transitioning to a new era for Thinkr centered around education. Will begin building an educational platform and the tools learners need to help them succeed in their quest for knowledge. Passionate about what will come next and hope you are too.

Additional Info

Mint August 1st @ 9 A.M. EST

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