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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The first NFT collection, by collecting which you can become the owner of huge treasures 🙂

The most valuable THC nft of the seven seas have arrived, which is much more than an nft collection, here if you hunt well, huge treasures await you, and what’s more, the hunted THC nft will also represent a huge value in the future.

The first NFT collection where your own luck depends on you. The THC NFT collection, which collection, with the right combination you can own tons of ETH.

With the right combination, you can become one of the owners of the collected ETH if you are among the first.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Treasurehuntingclub NFT Roadmap

I. round Captain Parrot, the first character in the THC series

II. round is coming soon, watch the whitelist
III. round is coming soon
IV. round is coming soon
V. round is coming soon
VI. Public combination generation
VII. round is coming soon
VIII. Distribution of prizes
IX. Starting the next game project with a huge fixed prize pool

Additional Info

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