Triple Seven Club - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Our collection consists of 3777 hand-drawn unique digital collectibles.

Furthermore, our exciting plans for the future include: Buying land, hosting virtual/educational/party/gathering events, giveaways, and other things we can only discuss in discord, so check it out!!

Instagram: @triplesevenclubnft


By getting in early, you’re not just supporting, yet you’re also getting a chance to impact an incredible change in the market and upgrade your lifestyle.

Will have 4 drops and in every drop, the floor price is going higher and higher, so get in early and experience this amazing journey with us.

Our goal is to influence and teach people how to earn money, invest money, and always look for opportunity to create an additional income stream.

As well as, launching our own cryptocurrency, that you could use for purchases to our events, and more.

A TSC alien NFT gives you exclusive perks, including:

– Amazing 1 of 1 Art.
– Passive Income.
– Giveaways & Community Gifts
– Ability to vote on new experiences for the community.
– Access to our exclusive community, events, and mentorship.
– Free access to our courses.
– And more is coming.

Here to create procreational wealth, So get in the spaceship and let’s go to space.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Triple Seven Club NFT Roadmap

Phase 1:

Will be holding many giveaways, think of valuable things such as a phone, airline tickets (including vacation), cash prizes, and more. This applies to people who own an NFT and are in the discord group. Furthermore, everyone can share their opinion and together we come to a conclusion. Everyone’s vote counts and is considered. In spite of all of these, most importantly we will be donating to “TeamTrees” & “TeamSeas” in order to improve the wellness of our planet, animals and humanity.
Phase 2:

The TSC community will host a real event with the best ideas decided by the community, whereas the costs of it will be funded straight from us, see other nft communities giving away cars, etc. However, we are here to create procreational wealth. As well as, will launch our merchandise and we will create career opportunities.
Phase 3/4:

At last, phases 3/4 aren’t going to be mentioned yet. However, these last phases will be created by the voice of the community members. You will have the chance to vote for a path in these phases. (Don’t miss out on this!)

Additional Info

Will be having four individual launches, each launch will contain 944 TSC NFTs. Decided to do it this way, so that give everyone that wants to become a holder and have an awesome experience a chance to get in.

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!