Vera Bradley’s Utility-Driven NFTs and the Metaverse Space Launch - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Vera Bradley is one of the latest leading American brands to embrace the power of web3 and NFTs. The top-ranking producer of luggage and handbags, known for its characterful floral prints, has recently announced its big entry into the web3 realm with the launch of two NFT collections and its own metaverse space.

In addition to recognizable prints and styles, Vera Bradley is largely known for its strong women-supporting-women focus. Over the past 40 years, the brand has formed a large community of forward-thinking personalities. So while the metaverse is drawing more and more companies to its terrains, Vera Bradley is expanding its influence on web3 by launching the World of Vera Bradley digital space. The initiative aims to transfer the already-existing community to the metaverse and attract new members, alongside providing women with new bountiful opportunities, including NFTs.

So, let’s delve deep into the NFT series themselves. Both of them will be timed to Vera Bradley’s 40th anniversary and the start of the New York Fashion Week 2022.

The first genesis NFT set titled the Heritage Pass will go live on September 14th exclusively via the World of Vera Bradley web3 space, valued at $28 each. The 440 Heritage Pass tokens will be featuring an image of Vera Bradley’s coveted Jilly Bag in four archived designs. Heritage Passes will also act as Mint Passes, veiling a physical utility in each NFT. Thus, upon minting a Heritage Pass NFT, each holder becomes eligible to redeem it for a physical limited-edition Jilly Bag, featured on their token. The redemption will occur two weeks after the mint, on September 28th. On top of that, the first minters will be rewarded with early-bird access to Vera Bradley’s second drop in early October.

The second set of tokens dubbed 1982 Collection will drop with presale on October 1st and 2nd, proceeding with a public mint on October 3rd. The 1982 Collection by Vera Bradley composed of 1,982 NFTs will be based on 40 archived prints, paying tribute to the company’s year of foundation. The collectibles will have different rarity tiers, with original Vera Bradley prints and NFT in a pink color palette topping the ranking. Moreover, in addition to aesthetic pleasure and a bunch of web3 benefits for holders, the second drop will also bear a charitable background.

With all 100% NFT sale proceeds donated to Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, the initiative aims to draw more attention to this horrible disease, as well as aid women who are currently undergoing exhausting cancer treatment.

Upon the launch of the World of Vera Bradley space and both NFT collections, the brand aims to create an innovative community of web3-savvy users who are doing good in real life.

Mark your calendars for September 14th and join Vera Bradley’s supreme sisterhood!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Vera Bradley’s Utility-Driven NFTs and the Metaverse Space Launch NFT Roadmap

As we travel into the World of Vera Bradley, our top priority is creating an exciting and rewarding experience for Vera Bradley customers and new NFT collectors. Rooted in Vera Bradley’s brand ethos and culture, the World of Vera Bradley is committed to merging the physical and digital worlds through innovative NFT collections, limited-edition product offerings and special giveaways accessible only in the World of Vera Bradley.

This roadmap lays the framework for what our team has in store, with surprises and delights to be revealed throughout the journey.

Limited-Edition Physicals

In addition to the Heritage Pass providing early access to the 1982 Collection, each Heritage Pass will come with a limited-edition Jilly Bag created exclusively for this inaugural Vera Bradley NFT drop. These very special Jilly Bags are available in four unique archived Vera Bradley prints. Purchasers of the Heritage Pass token will be surprised with their


Through VB Cares, 100% of Vera Bradley’s primary net proceeds from the 1982 Collection will be donated to The Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, which has already made $37.5 million in contributions (to date) to support critical advancements in breast cancer research.

The Future

Please follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Discord to stay connected to our future World of Vera Bradley events and happenings.

Additional Info

Vera Bradley’s NFT collections will include a genesis drop comprised of 440 standardized tokens as well as a second drop of 1,982 unique generative art backgrounds created from 40 Vera Bradley heritage prints on the Ethereum blockchain.

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