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Project Description

VIM is a Create to Earn ecosystem where players can support virtual humans(VI) living in the metaverse and helps to earn profit from supporting them. You may raise the consciousness of VI who desire to become influencers. Users in VIM will eventually be able to acquire a VIM TOKEN through various activities.

As the ecosystem expands, VIM aims to be a project linked to a blockchain ecosystem that encompasses games, e-commerce, performances and SNS. Users will mine VIT in proportion to how much they have chosen the quests for their favourite VI and helped to influence them through supporting activities. Users may easily sell and exchange cryptocurrency-based assets using VIM.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

VIM NFT Roadmap

2021. A

Collecting virtual humans data on Earth
Identify the needs of virtual humans who want to become virtual influencers, and collect data such as their birth background and SNS activities


2021. B

Provision of information for virtual influencers and establishment of marketing platform
Open a platform that provides various information related to virtual influencers and provides contact with advertisers. The registration module is provided so that the manufacturer can use it as a platform for promoting their own virtual human.

2022. A

Creation of quest contents linked with VANTER and various virtual humnans
Through collaborative content with various virtual influencers, VANTER naturally creates the character of a virtual human marketer and secures advertisers

2022 B

NFT assets minting with special features in limited quantities
Minting 10,000 limited edition NFT before VIM ecosystem opening. Priority given to early participants listed in the WHITELIST

2022. C

VIM world. Estabilishment of overseas ICO corporate
VIM world initiating Alpha-test

2023. A

VIM world Beta-test
Listing VIM cryptocurrency in Global Cryptocurrency Exchange

2023. B

VIM world releasing official service
Start a project to make a virtual human an influencer through the opening of the VIM service! Let’s start CREATE TO EARN with VANTER!

2023. C

Estabilishment of local corporation for overseas Virtual influencer Marketing


VIM world phase 2 service launch
A true metaverse and community specialized in marketing tasks

Additional Info

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