VR Hamsters - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

VR Hamsters – NFT collection is 5555 supply. Global integration of art into the metaverse using VR technology. Want to create a VR space with unique opportunities to interact with NFT. A special feature of the project is the art museum.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

VR Hamsters NFT Roadmap

Just getting started! Read about our plans and next steps below.
✅ Preparation (museum beta, collection, website)
⏳ Mint event
⏳ Opening of a DAO
⏳ Token and Staking
⏳ Platform for auctions and raffles
⏳ Building a museum with the community
⏳ Token listing
⏳ Giveaway and offline parties
⏳ Сollaboration with brands
⏳ Metaverse

Additional Info

The Hamsters Museum has a key role in the metaverse, as it will leave a mark on the development of NFT art and attract a new audience for the further development of technologies and the WEB 3.0 universe. The use of virtual reality also makes a significant contribution to the development, as a result users get a unique experience, and NFT art will become more massive and attract the attention of new investors.

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